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MAD Progression

During the last few weeks we ran into some issues, while adapting to remote work and schedules, and on our personal lifes, due to the present worlwide situation. But we managed to progress steadily on the development. This was also the reason we didn’t publish any articles during this time, however now we’re getting back on track and these will be posted once a week!

So without further ado, we’ve been working on the scenery, more specifically the Roman market, and on improving combat and making it work online.

For the market, we took inspiration from a model from Rome at the time of Constantine (306-337) produced by Italo Gismondi between 1933 and 1937. Source. This puts the Colosseum at the center of the city, able to be seen from the surrounding areas.

We’ve also been improving the combat using an AI to fight while we the multiplayer features aren’t complete. Here’s a small demo concept of the work so far:

Marketing strategy testing

As we progress on the development, we also try out and design strategies and possiblities in order to market the game as soon as possible. Spreading about the game and making it recognizable is almost as important as developing the game itself.

A Spec sheet is an important tool to market the game and give it identity. The design was focused on causing impact and showcasing the brutality and realness of the game, using vivid and bright colors to draw the attention of the viewers. The twist of displaying the game information spread out, with the title in the mid, and the great contrasts of colors helps transmiting the most important stuff immediately. (Images regarding the game are temporary and serve only as an example).

An experiment for a Special Edition of the game, with collector items made specially for the aficionados. The preview or test was designed with the Classic Edition of the game, the original Soundtrack, a Gladiator figure, a Box collection with varied items, and the Art book for the game.

Music and Sound Effects

The sound part being our weakest, we managed to get some offers to help us on that. Regarding the soundtrack, the very talented Andrew LiVecchi will be producing a few music themes for MAD! You can already see the begginning of his work, as he quickly developed the Main theme:

[embedded content]

There will also be 2 extra colleagues, from the Bachelor’s in Sound Design, who will join us to produce the Sound Effects and other special music needs. Pavel from Russia and Nathaly from Japan!

What’s next

In the following weeks we’ll be focusing mostly on combat and customization, allowing the players to choose different gladiators, here’s a sneak peek:

And that’s it. Hope you’re enjoying what you see as much as we do developing it! If you want to give us feedback on what you like or what you don’t like, or if you just want to get in touch with us be sure to drop a message in the comments.

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