The Falathrim Update

THE FALATHRIM (Elves of the Falas)

Balar Units: Low Tier

The Isle of Balar was a refugee camp of the Eldar and Edain of Beleriand. Before the Dagor Bragollach, Elves of Nargothrond, with ships built by the Falathrim, explored the Isle of Balar considering it as a safe haven in time of need. During the Fall of the Falas some Falathrim survivors escaped the Havens on ships, with Cirdan and Gil-galad; they reached Balar where they established a safe refuge, keeping also a foothold of ships at the Mouths of Sirion. Hearing this, Turgon once more sent messengers there asking for Cirdan’s help. Cirdan built seven ships to send to the West, but of them no news came to Balar. It was here that Círdan assisted Eärendil of Arvernien in building the ship Vingilot (Vingilótë), with which he sought for Valinor, to ask for the pardon of the Valar. From there many went to Lindon until the Elves were summoned to Valinor, and the Edain to the new isle of Númenor.

Balar Archers

Balar Archers

Balar Spearmen:

Balar Spearmen

Brithombar Units: Mid Tier

Brithombar was the western of the two Havens of the Falas, at the mouth of the River Brithon, from which it took its name. Nargothrond had an alliance with the Falas. During the Siege of Angband (F.A. 65), the Elves of Nargothrond aided the Falathrim in rebuilding the two Havens and made them fair and strong. They also built Barad Nimras to watch for attacks from the sea by Morgoth. It was occupied by the Falathrim until it was invaded and destroyed in F.A. 473 along with its twin, Eglarest. Círdan’s people then fled to the Mouths of Sirion and the Isle of Balar.

Brithombar Marines:

Brimthombar Marine

Brithombar Archers:

Brithombar Archers

Brithombar Foresters:

Brithombar Foresters

Brithombar Spearmen:

Brithombar Spearmen

Eglarest Units: High Tier

Eglarest was the southern of the two Havens of the Falas that lay at the mouth of the River Nenning on the western coasts of Beleriand. The northern haven was called Brithombar. They were founded during the Years of the Trees by Círdan. Upon the cape west of Eglarest Finrod had built Barad Nimras. The Havens lasted until they were taken by Morgoth in F.A. 473.

Eglarest Warriors:

Eglarest Warriors

Eglarest Spearmen:Eglarest Spearmen

Eglarest Cavalry:

Eglarest Cavalry

Bodyguard Units: God Tier

Círdan was one of the highest and most noble of the Sindar, Lord of the Falathrim during the First Age, and Master of the Grey Havens through the Second, Third, and Fourth Age. He was one of the wisest and most foresighted of the Elves, and by the Second Age the oldest known elf in Middle-earth, to remain so throughout that age and into the Fourth Age as well. He was also gifted Narya, one of the Three Rings, by Celebrimbor until he surrendered it to Gandalf. He was one of the last elves in Middle-earth, sailing West early in the Fourth Age.

Cirdan’s Retinue:

Cirdan Retinue

Guards of the Havens:

Guards of the Havens

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