The Final Nights 1.6 HD Release Date!

TFN Fans,

An official release date has been chosen for Thursday, July 9th 2020. I am living in the Eastern United States time zone (GMT -4) which will allow me to release TFN Thursday night, which for some of our European cousins will be early Friday morning. Check out our new Install How-To video for a quick reference on how to install it, it’s quite easy. ModDB will be hosting the site initially however, I am also working with Planet Vampire for an additional location. The file size will be approximately 1 GB in size and will include the full version.

In the meantime, enjoy our Let’s Play Alpha videos as we test the new changes for TFN 1.6 HD.

Zer0Morph’s Let’s Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)

Something Compass’ Let’s Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)

JT Corpse’s Let’s Play VTM The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Alpha)

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