The Great War VI – France


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War has begun and the time has come to teach those Germans a lesson. Since stealing Alsace-Lorraine from us four decades ago, they have continually threatened the stability of Europe and the safety of all of their neighbors, ourselves included. Now the Austrians feel they can seize the Balkans without penalty, and the Kaiser thinks he can bully the rest of the world into accepting it. No longer! The days of Bismarck are over, and it’s time for someone to put the German barbarians in their place! With the help of our allies, we will show the bullies of the Central Powers that only the free people of Europe can control their own destinies.

Much has changed since our defeat in 1871. Our army is one of the largest in Europe, and our soldiers remain the finest in the world. We can also call upon our colonies for additional support, and the colonial troops at our disposal have never failed to achieve results. Our fleet, together with that of our British allies, can defeat any navy in the world, and our aerial forces are the most advanced of any nation. With the navy and natural resources of the British, and the immense military strength of the Russians, not even the mighty Kaiser stands a chance. If the Germans don’t kill themselves smashing against our defenses, we will take the war into their lands, and all the way to Berlin if we must! Vive la France!

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