The last dev diary before the big day. Lots of new content has been added!

Greetings, Punishers!

We are counting down to ONE day till the release of “She Will Punish Them”. Let us bring you one last development diary before the big day. Lots of exciting new content and optimization has been added to the game. Check it out!

Updates in the past 2 weeks

We have added:

New parts in the palace
A red luxury bed, charming pool, binding tools for torture & sleek sofa. The Succubus will pose with these items for your appreciation.

UI interface for magic skills and buffs
At the defining moments during combat, powerful magic helps us eliminate enemies more easily. Some also provides protection.

Controller support
Now you can use your controller to play the game, for better handling.

Toxic and explosive monsters
Adjust your tactics regarding specific types of enemy. Be careful with the suicide skeletons.

A cave-themed map
n the underworld, you will be facing more threatening situations. One move could decide your fate.

3 buffs
Each buff gives us one unique benefit: faster speed, bulkier health or stronger magic casting

Multiple language options We have added Simplified Chinese localization and start to work on Russian, German and Japanese.

We optimized:

Loading time Much shorter loading time now to keep you more focused on combat.


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