The Mother-Daughter Duo Bringing Socially-Distanced Fashion to the Streets of Paris – Vogue

While many have found themselves in unexpected living situations following the rollout of lockdowns around the world due to the COVID-19 crisis, the French artist MarieVic’s is particularly unusual. After leaving her current home in New York to return to Paris, in order to be close to her family during the pandemic, she found herself staying at a second apartment owned by her mother, Geneviève. Comprising of just two rooms, MarieVic is sleeping in one; the other, however, is packed to the brim with pieces from Geneviève’s extraordinary collection of designer fashion and couture.

“When I arrived, I had to self-quarantine and I felt displaced,” MarieVic explains. “I couldn’t see my family or my friends, and I missed my work studio, so I started spending a lot of time in the wardrobe, working on dressing up, making relationships with clothes.” After her period of quarantine was over, MarieVic saw her permitted hour-long periods of daily exercise as an opportunity for an unlikely creative project. “I was fascinated by the look of the empty city,” she says. “It was extremely beautiful, but eerie. It seemed that Paris had become a window display, yet the store was closed. Then it occurred to me that Avenue Montaigne was located within the allowed distance from both my places and my mother’s, so I asked her if she’d accept to perform a daily ritual with me.”


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