The next Fall Guys level has only fans A Fall Guy dressed as a baseball player crosses a fan

Fall Guys season 2 has another month left to go, but the winds of change will be blowing before then, because the stumblebum battle royale gameshow is getting a new level, and that level has fans in it. The Big Fans level, which will see players race across spinning midair fan blades, will be added as part of next week’s update, which is called BIG FAN YEET LITTLE because of course it is.

Lil Yeety, a spinning hammer, will begin randomly appear as part of the update as well. Presumably it’s a cousin to Big Yeetus and somehow related to Thicc Bonkus, this season’s spiked roller hazard, in the Fall Guys lore. If there is such a thing.

Some bug fixes and variations on existing levels, including one that adds a whole lot of giant bananas to Fruit Chute, will also be part of the update.

Thanks, RPS.

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