The Rat & Boa Dresses Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Summer – Who What Wear

It probably comes as no surprise that in my role as an editor, I spend a rather large chunk of my workdays researching emerging fashion trendsshare-worthy shopping finds, and buzzy or on-the-rise brands. Every once in awhile, however, I’m lucky enough to have one or any combination of the above categories simply present itself to me instead. As you probably guessed, such is the case with the topic of today’s post: Rat & Boa dresses have recently taken over my Instagram feed at somewhat of an exponential rate.

While the brand, which launched in 2015, is not particularly new, as most labels do over the course of their lifecycles, it seems to be experiencing a period of particular popularity right now and just in time for summer dressing. Its dresses—the majority of which are under $300—range from floor-length slips to minis and come in a mix of solids, prints, and various materials. They’re also particularly versatile, as evidenced by the way they can be dressed up or pared down with ease. Last but certainly not least, across the board, they’re just cool, which explains their presence on the Instagram accounts of so many of our favorite fashion people. To see everything I’m talking about for yourself and shop the must-have dresses of summer along the way, just keep scrolling. 


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