The road to v1.1

Hi everyone!

Since the first release of RA20XX, I’ve been very pleased with the reception here on ModDb and on Discord.

Two persons, Ocey and zoom3000, were kind enough to make videos showcasing RA20XX to help me promote the mod. They have a lot of CnC content on their channel, so why not check it out.

First, this masterfully played 2vs2 march by Ocey (you can find his Youtube channel here).

[embedded content]

And long, chaotic and arduous 4vs4 fight by zoom3000 (Youtube channel here).

[embedded content]

==========Version 1.1 and what to expect==========

This brings me to version 1.1. Thanks to all the feedback provided by the community, I was able to make a patch adressing bugs and balance issues, and even adding a bit of bonus content planned for v1.1. This patch will be out very shortly. As I want to keep a bit of momentum and interest between 1.0 and 1.1, I’ve decided to release this next version in short burst. The first one, patch v1.0.1, will give you an idea of what to expect content-wise. But, the complete 1.1 version is still far off, so don’t hold your breath.

As for 1.1 in itself, I want to expand RA20XX’s mechanics without adding too much. Think of it as a refined version of RA20XX, with more flesh out but balanced factions, more SFX, more overall quality of life improvement and more options for players (normal sized infatries and CNCNet integration get asked alot). To keep things interesting and diversified, new units are planned while other will be removed. Expect alot of change for some subfactions!

==========Sneakpeak of what’s coming==========

In terms of noticeble gameplay changes, there are a few things worth highlighting :

  • First off, you might have noticed that the mod has a new logo, thank to zoom3000;

User Posted Image

  • China has a new late game unit : the Overlord Tank. It now replaces the Cluster Mines superweapon, which seemed like a neat idea at first, but turned out to be underwelming and buggy. The Overlord is equiped with two massive cannon and has high armor, making it a superheavy class tank, just like the Apocalypse Tank. It has two variant, which depends on the technology building build : the Bureau of Propaganda gives access to the Battle Overlord, equipped with a open topped bunker on it, and the Bureau of War gives access to the Tesla Overlord, which gives it a advanced Tesla Coil auxiliary weapon;

User Posted Image

  • While not really a new unit, the Armadillo APC was changed from an amphibious APC to a hover APC, the Tortoise APC. The change reflects the European Union’s focus on high technology, making a bit more sens than having a standard M113 APC. Stat-wise, it is a carbon copy of the Armadillo;
  • The Shagohod Tank is now a superheavy tank, in the same vein as the Apocalypse Tank and the Overlord Tank. It has increased damage, armor and an higher cost than its 1.0 equivalent. It is also bigger and was given a new warhead animation;
  • The Scavenger now has a speed (+50%) and armor (+15%) boost ability when approching a target. This ability was scrapped before the release of version 1.0, since it used to cause a game crash. I’m happy to confirm it works properly now;

User Posted Image

  • To spice up the visual style of RA20XX, the Kirov Airship has a new crashing animation, inspired directly by MirceaOfRivia’s Brutal Yuri Mod!;

User Posted Image

  • Powerful explosives will now send corpses flying when an infantry is killed.

For the rest of the bugfixes or the minors balances adjustments, check the changelog in v1.0.1’s readme file.

Well, I’m out. See you for the release of v1.0.2!

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