The Signal State is a Zachlike about rewiring synthesizers

Is it still a Zachlike if it’s not made by Zachtronics? Because The Signal State sure looks like a Zachlike. It’s about solving logic puzzles inspired by modular synthesizers, which means you’ll tinker with ornate machinery by twisting knobs and changing wiring. It’s also wrapped in a post-apocalyptic story in which your actions will “change the fate of agriculture.”

It’s out now. Check out the trailer below.

Zachlikes typically look completely incomprehensible in screenshots, and yep – check. In The Signal State, you’re altering inputs by deploying modules – panels of buttons, knobs and conectors – and then wiring them together in different ways.

You’re trying to create a particular kind of output in order to solve the puzzle, but also like in a Zachlike, there are different routes towards success. The Signal State has leaderboards so you can compete for the most efficient solution.

The Signal State is from Reckoner Industries, a small studio from Signapore. Although the game is fully released now, there are plans for future features mentioned on the game’s Steam page. Those include a sandbox mode where you can experiment, and a puzzle design tool so you can make your own challenges. Nice.

You can pick The Signal State up now for £15.50/$20/€17, and there’s a demo available from the Steam page.

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