The State of Hyper

Hi. I’m writing this article to let you all know that as of a couple months ago, I am no longer working on this mod. I have just grown tired of developing beta-centric content, and also realized that I can never realistically complete this mod or even design the levels in a fun and engaging way. So, I’m doing the classic beta mod thing of releasing the build so you can all see what I actually had made, and maybe make use of some assets yourself. (If you do that, please ask first as a few things are made by other people and I can’t speak for them.)

The earliest campaign map made in early 2017

An early map made for the mod in 2017

The mod today

The mod today

Download here.

I’m transferring ownership of the mod page to C.Marti, who previously did some writing for the mod late last year, and after learning of me not wanting to work on it, decided he wanted to continue it as his own project. Anything you see on the page from any point after this article isn’t by me.

You’ll need to copy your Valve folder from your installation of HL1 to the root folder of the extracted zip, by the hyper exe file. You can hit ‘new game’ and go through a couple maps that actually had effort put into them that connect to each other, but don’t expect much.

Also, just note that most maps dated before 2019 were not designed with overbrightening in mind, so you’ll probably want to disable it while checking them out by doing gl_overbright 0 in the console. The default setting for the newer maps is gl_overbright 2.

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