The superb WD Blue SN550 is even cheaper than usual

When Katharine reviewed the excellent WD Blue SN550 SSD last month, she described it as “disgustingly good value.” Well, Amazon seems intent on making her sick, because it’s now even more disgusting with sizeable discounts on the 500GB and 1TB flavours.

Normally the 1TB version of our best SSD for gaming sells for £125, but Amazon has slashed the price to £108. The 500GB version, meanwhile, usually sells for £75 but is available for £67 if you can’t stretch to a terabyte. The 250GB one stays stubbornly at £50, making it a bad buy right now compared to its discounted siblings.

To be clear, it’s not just its very competitive pricing that makes the WD Blue SN550 worth putting in your PC. Performance wise, it’s a little beast as well, pushing 44.6MB/s read and 157.3MB/s write speeds in our 1GB random 4K test. These are incredible scores, easily beating the similarly priced SATA-based Crucial MX500 and actually giving WD’s high-end Black SN750 NVMe SSD a run for its money as well.

While you can get faster NVMe drives, you’ll pay a huge premium for them and the gains aren’t big enough to justify the price in our opinion. As Katharine concluded: “anyone with the right motherboard looking to upgrade their PC’s storage should absolutely have the WD Blue SN550 at the top of their component list. There’s simply nothing better at this end of the NVMe spectrum.”

And at £108, you can feel even more smug about the price you’re paying. Enjoy that feeling – assuming you have a NVMe compatible motherboard. Anything bought in the last couple of years should have at least one, but do check before you checkout.

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