The True Canon Pack – Update #1

The True Canon Pack is an arduous development and it’s great to have so much support from you guys in the r/acecombat server and other servers on Discord! Here’s an update on my progress.

  • The OADF/OMDF pack is done, I need to re-package Salamander to ensure that the MREC is working correctly. It will be on Nexus very soon.
  • Spare Squadron is underway. This may be the most time-consuming pack for one reason – Tabloid. I’ll elaborate further on.
  • The IUN-PKF is fully done and will be released over on Nexus.
    • Lineup:
      • Mage Squadron, Osea
      • Golem Squadron, Osea
      • Gargoyle Squadron, Osea
      • Skeleton Squadron, San Salvacion
      • Rot Team, Belka
      • Wisna Squadron, Yuktobania
      • Mobius Squadron, North Point
      • Rapier Squadron, North Point
      • Sky Kid Squadron, Emmeria
  • Spare Squadron CONCEPTS (Not final):
    • First off, Spare pilots do NOT fly the planes from their previous squadron. They all fly planes that were in the scrapyard that Avril worked in prior to the events of AC7. They say this in the cutscenes and in Mission 5.
    • Concepts for each plane:
      • Count: An Su-33 from an OMDF Expeditionary Wing based at Heierlark Air Force Base.
      • Tabloid: A very… familiar looking Mirage, once used to clear the city of Bana of toxic gas by an Osean ace squadron that disappeared from the skies of battle during the Circum-Pacific War of 2010. Yes, I will be recreating the Zaharada ace scheme from AC5, the one that you use in Reprisal.
      • Champ: TBD
      • High Roller: TBD
      • Full Band: An OMDF Super Hornet from the OFS Barbet that had surrendered after running out of fuel after Operation Glory Horn during the Circum-Pacific War.
  • I’d like suggestions on the rest of the packs. For reference, they are:
    • Spare Squadron (Champ and High Roller)
    • EAF Aces (Special skins)
    • EAF (Regular Erusean skins + MQ-99 and NPCs)
    • Sol Squadron
    • Z.O.E. (ADF-11F and ADFX-10)
    • ISEV (Arsenal Bird + MQ-101)

New Images:

Rafale M -SACS-

502500 20200421185500 1502500 20200421185552 1

F-15S/MTD -Strider 1- (Trigger)

502500 20200421191436 1

VAQ-105 (Electronic Attack Squadron) Enchanter (Playable version)

502500 20200421231013 1

F/A-18F -Banshee- and P-1A -Specter-

502500 20200421231637 1

P-1A -Specter-

502500 20200421231616 1

F-16C -Mage 2- (Trigger)

20200419144739 1

MiG-21bis -Spare 15- (Trigger)

20200419145109 1

F-15C -Strider 1- (Trigger)

20200419144258 1


502500 20200402171813 1

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