These Are the Clothes Our Fashion Editors Are Lounging Around in All Summer Long – POPSUGAR

The feel-good thrill of summer always puts us in the mood to get dressed in outfits that boost our confidence. We want to try out new swimwear brands, play with different shorts lengths, and let our toes breathe in cute new sandals. Turns out, despite what our summer routines may look like, this year isn’t any different. We still feel inspired to wear clothes that make us happy.

Since we aren’t dressing up to go out to any fancy events, our wardrobes are just a touch more comfortable, but they don’t skimp on style. (Take the above jeans from Frame, for example, which are a trendy new style called the Le Baggy — essentially as roomy as your sweats!) We rounded up the stuff we’re wearing at home that makes us want to stop and take a selfie every time we walk past the mirror.

From jewelry you can use to layer over your blouses for Zoom calls to lightweight linen jumpsuits we could basically sleep in — or enjoy a glass of wine outside on the porch — these are our fashion must haves that we’re carrying with us through the end of the summer and beyond, and truthfully, a lot of them will probably make it onto our Instagram feeds.


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