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The challenge of entrepreneurship is not only to execute a business idea but to make sure that it is innovative enough to scale up in a high-demand context. Like the fashion world, for example.

It is precisely in that approach that Drip Creationz has found the key to go far, a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and global marketing of footwear and clothing. Drip Creationz is based on e-commerce, a trend that is growing every day. According to global statistics, it is estimated that Internet retail sales will reach up to $3.55 billion by 2019.

It is precisely aspects such as the convenience of online shopping, the confidence of users in relation to the purchasing process, the possibility of the proximity of the company to the customer and their experience on the website, which have led many enterprises and established companies to set their sights on e-commerce.

However, this has also brought with it greater demands, such as the need to innovate, work on creativity and take advantage of the different digital marketing strategies in order to stand out from the competition. This is where Drip Creationz has put all its efforts, obtaining results that allow it to consolidate its brand online.

Where Drip Creationz Comes From

Although it is now in constant ascent, those responsible for the brand did not always have pleasant encounters with success. Ilena Arellano, Frankie Quiroz and Brian Porter, were young people of low resources, but with great ingenuity and outstanding desire to build a story based on work, effort, and perseverance to achieve their dreams.

More than an online clothing store. The Drip Creationz brand, created in 2017 and based near Riverside, California, has its essence in originality. The need to deliver unique, creative and personalized designs to their fans demonstrating the value and dedication in each garment.

Whether it’s shoes, clothes or accessories, every item in the hands of Drip Creationz has a stamp that will set it apart from the rest. It has been listening to the audience, understanding what they expect from them, and working on making it a reality that gives them the most preference.

Growing In Numbers And Ideas

Although its originality has attracted the attention of a large number of followers, the marketing strategies implemented by the founders have given excellent results in positioning this multi-million dollar company.

One of the most notable has been influencing marketing. Currently, they work with more than 500 influencers in digital and social media, including Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Tana Mongeau and Sommer and other celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Jenna Dewan, McKenna Grace, Greg Sulkin.

The constant presence in social networks has been another plus point in Drip Creationz’s growth since its inception. They currently have accounts on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, among other social media platforms. On Instagram alone, it has 1 million followers, and the number of people who decide to follow this style increases daily.

It has been the effort, perseverance and commitment that the founders of the brand have put in each of the marketing strategies, which has shaped the exponential growth of its website.

Without excessive investment in services or advice, only from their knowledge and desire to launch an innovative project, which in a short time, would become a prosperous business and a couple of years later, a multi-million dollar company with a promising future.  

Working During COVID-19 Times

Like other companies around the world, Drip Creationz has had to deal with the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this critical time has not stopped its work and effort to continue offering innovative products to its fans.

Despite the difficulties, they have remained steadfast, internal communication has been an essential element in ensuring the stability of the team and maintaining normality in aspects of billing and production.

In this context, believing that both the company and its founders have reached the pinnacle of success is limiting. Drip Creationz continues to grow, not only as a strong company with over 30 team members but as a brand that came here to implement a different style and stay.

Drip Creationz has the purpose of generating ideas that allow it to expand every day and reach not only a certain niche but to be the ideal brand for adults, youth, and children.

So far they have worked on the design, manufacture, and customization of collections of different products and continue in the development of other projects to be launched during the course of this year. Source

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