This 28-inch 4K IPS monitor is on sale for $249, the lowest price around

The best deal around for a 4K monitor can be found at the Microsoft Store, which is selling Lenovo’s 28-inch model (L28u-30) for $249 right now. That’s $50 below its list price, and the least expensive around for a 4K display.

It’s the best price I can find regardless of the size. Sorting through the in-stock options at Best Buy, the cheapest 4K monitor costs $349.99, which is also a 28-inch model (Samsung UR55). Pricing only goes up from there, with even some 27-inch monitors commanding around $450.

It’s pretty much the same at Newegg. You can find an Acer model for $329.99, then after that you’re looking at paying more than $350 for a 4K display.

Lenovo’s L28u-30 isn’t real fancy, but it does sport an IPS panel, surrounded by a thin bezel. Brightness checks in at 300 nits—not super bright, though above the 250 nits found on some entry level monitors. It also has a modest 60Hz refresh rate.

What this monitor lacks in speed and amenities (like G-Sync or FreeSync), it makes up for in price. For example, Acer’s Predator XB3 is a 27-inch 4K monitor with a native 120Hz refresh rate (can be overclocked to 144Hz), G-Sync support, and DisplayHDR 400 certification—all nice to have, but it costs $1,199.99. For that price you could buy four of these monitors and still have change left over.

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