This MSI gaming laptop is a bit of a bargain at £999

If you’ve been looking for a gaming laptop that doesn’t make you feel guilty by breaking the four-figure barrier, then this MSI model at Currys might just fit the bill at £999.

True, it’s only £1 from breaking said psychological barrier, but you’re getting a solid spec for the money. For your £999, you’re getting a Intel Core i7-9750H powered machine with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics chip and a 256GB SSD. The built-in RAM is a slightly disappointing 8GB, but the listing does say you can up that to a maximum of 64GB if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty and upgrade it at a later date.

The screen is an IPS 15.6in 1080p number, but the 120Hz refresh rate means that you should really see the benefit of the GeForce RTX 2060 even on more challenging recent games such as Monster Hunter: World and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Other than the 8GB RAM it ships with and the slightly gaudy red backlit keyboard it seems to be packing, there is one other drawback: the battery life. This isn’t wholly surprising given it’s a gaming laptop, of course, but the listing promises a pretty disappointing “up to four hours”, and that’ll be even weaker if you’re trying to play something that’s pushing the ray tracing functionality of the graphics chip to its limit. Still, that’s the just pay off you have to accept if you want a well-specced gaming laptop, and besides, if you’re thinking about using this as a desktop replacement then battery life won’t be a massive issue anyway.

And for the price, this is a well specced machine that shouldn’t have any trouble playing the latest games for the foreseeable future. Katharine’s been impressed with previous MSI gaming laptops she’s tested in the past, too, and while £999 is unquestionably a big slab of cash, it’s a reasonable price for the specs you’re getting, and a nippy lockdown gaming companion.

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