This ridiculously good charity bundle has over 60 games for $5

‘Tis the season of charity bundles, in which developers urge you to perform the generous act of giving their videogames a new home in exchange for a fraction of their true value. Next up: a bundle of 66 games on Are you big hard-drived enough to let A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, Old Man’s Journey, Lieve Oma, A Normal Lost Phone, Secrets Of Raetikon, Cosmic Express, Fugl, Botanicula, Hacknet, The Stillness Of The Wind, The Hex – *deep breath* – Art Sqool, Hidden Folks, Cloud Gardens, Signs Of The Sojourner, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Coffee Talk, Ynglet and many more onto your computer?

Go on, have a heart. It’ll cost $5 and 100% of the money goes to the World Land Trust.

The WLT is an international charity that works to protect threatened habitats by working with local conservation groups. You can find more about what they do to protect rainforests and wildlife on their site.

Game developers have already done the generous bit by donating their games to the cause, however. All you have to do is pony up a tiny fee and get a ridiculously good bundle of games. Hidden Folks alone is worth the cost – as is Cosmic Express, and The Hex, and Botanicula, and Raetikon, and A Normal Lost Phone (all links go to mostly glowing reviews).

Earlier this week I wrote about Jingle Jam, a charity fundraiser with a bundle of 55 games available for a minimum donation of £55, including Wildermyth, Northgard, and many more. These bundles are both good enough that, honestly, it’ll hardly feel like charity at all. You’re basically mugging these organisations and making off like a bandit.

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