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Spring 2020 fashion trends you need to know about.

Jaqueline Martinez, Staff Reporter

As warmer temperatures ascend, the fashion world is expected to bring a fresh, new wardrobe change for this spring season with the addition of new accessoriestrendclothing styles and classical fashion pieces with a contemporary nudge — fashionable outfit ideas that can make for great social media photos while staying at home. 

Here’s a brief look on top trending styles in women’s clothing that were highlighted from spring and summer fashion runways, which include a variety of nostalgic and edgy styles. 

Puffy sleeves 

The 80s have returned to women’s fashion. A great example of a classical fashion piece that has been brought back through a modern twist is puffy sleeves. In 2019, these sleeves were commonly seen in blouses and crops, giving the romantic style an edgier look that can be combined with high waisted pants and a pair of boots or sneakers.  

Puffy sleeves are currently trending in blouses and dresses, usually of a transparent fabric material, often seen in colors of black, white or pink. The volumizing sleeves will often carry a bow or a ruffled texture to emphasize the details in this romantic, edgy combination. 

Underwear as outerwear  

This sensual and accessible trend dates back to the 1920s in which flappers wore teddies similar to undergarments which were then popularized by U.S. singer Madonna in the 80s, now refurbished through various styles that include bra tops, garments inspired by lingerie of lace and silk. The pieces are often seen through a combining, layering approach.  

As a tool of self-expression and feminist power, the trend has been popularized through the years and is expected to empower women once again this upcoming season. The garments are often combined with blazers or trench coats, not entirely exposing the body but merely providing a peak.  

Sometimes the pieces can be combined with a white T-shirt underneath, high waisted jeans or pants to go along with chunky sneakers or boots to create an edgier look.  

Extreme hems and Bermuda shorts 

Hems have been commonly seen on the runway these past few months as bum-skimming shorts or slightly longer and loose styles like Bermuda shorts, as seen through Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” As extreme hems are very much exposing, Spring might not be the most adequate in terms of temperature, although Vogue stated that it will definitely be a common trend this Spring. Bermuda shorts might not be as appealing as hems and do not expose the legs as much, though women can still make a statement by adding a white blazer and heels, fit for a work environment, whereas a leather jacket with a tucked in t-shirt can speak more towards and edgier look. If you’re looking for something more casual and hipster, then Bermuda shorts can also be combined with turtlenecks, heels or sneakers.  


“The spring/summer 2020 season showcased a seductive sweetheart and off-the-shoulder necklines. This revealing silhouette is set to be a surefire hit next season,” quoted Moda Operandi. Necklines are becoming more and more popular as Spring approaches, with various of styles that include, square, sweetheart and off-the-shoulder and V-neck, necklines, some even reminiscent of Victorian styles. The style is seen in long-sleeved tops, trench coats, Victorian button-down blouses or dresses which are often combined with high waisted pants or jeans. English model, Rosie HW also confirmed to Who What Wear UK that this trend will be huge in 2020.  


From New York to London, Paris to Milan fashion designers filled the runway with wearable dress trends fit for the spring and summer, season aesthetic. Fashion runways such as Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen and Khaite’s showcased a variety of styles, offering a nostalgic, 80s inspired style that brings back personal favorites that include those puffy sleeves, leather dresses with neutral and electric hues, and polka dots. Dresses offer a variety of choices fit for any occasion, whether its feminine and elegant, sweet, colorful and flowery, sporty, casual and minimal, bold or bright, or bohemian.  

Cut outs 

Who What Wear reports clothing cutouts a new “naked trend” and those are becoming more common as it was highly embraced by fashion designers like Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane, and other runways from New York to Paris. This style can be seen throughout different styles of clothing, including skirts, pants, gowns and dresses, tops and blazers. From slide-holes, to invented, sliced tops and deconstructed blazers, cut-outs are emerging as one of the standout trends from the fall/winter 20 collections. As for spring, the cut-out style is seen through the runway through new minimalist styles. Without being too revealing, the slight cuts and loose silhouettes offer a glimpse of skin through loosely draped, midi dresses that can be paired with sandals or chunky loafers and flat boots. 

Trench coats 

Trench coats were initially created for military purposes in 1912, according to an article in Harper’s Bazaar, but have been popularized in fashion throughout the decades. For an unpredictable transitional weather, trench coats are the perfect wardrobe, seasonal selection. Trench coats were first debuted last September for the autumn and winter collections. This spring, the runway collections featured contemporary takes on this outerwear selection, from leather-panels, pleated styles, side-snaps to belted trench coats. Trench coats can be thrown on top, offering a lightweight layering that can be combined with jeans, leggings and dresses. 

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