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The rise of Zoom chats, webinars and more in the age of coronavirus has put extra emphasis on so-called “top-half fashion,” the visible half of an outfit within a digital screen. Hair accessories, jewelry, blouses, wraps and more are taking the spotlight in virtual communications as people find increasingly creative ways to stay stylish during quarantine. With this in mind, the GDA editorial team is reviewing their own personal favorites for top-half fashion in GiftRap this week.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Summertime Stylin’

After hosting a webinar on upcoming trends for the holidays, I started looking at retro fashion and neon colors with a different perspective. According to Michelle Lamb from The Trend Curve, neon brights will make an appearance in both Halloween and Christmas decorations, which got me thinking — why not in fashion, too? After all, we’ve already seen a big return to hair barrettes and scrunchies. This bright pink flamingo necklace not only reminds me of the coming summer days, but it’s also bright, cheerful, fun and on-trend with the throwback neon vibe.

The Surprize Me Pendant Necklace also comes in incredibly fun packaging—it comes wrapped as a present with its content hidden. Recipients know that it will be a 16-inch chain necklace with a pendant, but they don’t know what the pendant will look like. How fun is that? I’ve always loved surprises; as a kid, I was drawn to the old-school $1 mystery grab bags from the Dollar Tree. So this gift for myself was right up my alley!

Alex Herring’s Pick: Floral Accessories

Since stay-at-home orders first went into effect in North Carolina, I’ve taken a much more laidback approach to fashion. Since I’m not going outside or to the office, where people can appreciate the effort I’ve put into my outfits, it all feels a little pointless to go through the work. Not to mention, I’m also seven months pregnant, so comfort wins over style pretty much every day now. I’ll still dress nicely when I have to be on a Zoom call, but otherwise, I’m mostly in sweats, glasses and loungewear, like many people now working from home since the pandemic started. One main exception: Hair accessories. They offer an easy, low-maintence way to make yourself feel prettier, and will still fit no matter how much your body size changes during pregnancy.

I especially love Del Sol‘s color-changing flower hair clips. These clips start out clear but turn bright and beautiful when in the sun. They’re perfect for summer, and I used to pack them whenever I was headed to the beach or my uncle’s lake house. Since beach trips aren’t in my immediate future, though, these clips help bring tropical, vacay vibes to my quarantined life. For even more stylish fun, I sometimes pair them with my Amorcito floral earrings. Now I’m really ready for summer!

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Wrapped in Professionalism

I went from doing my makeup every day and wearing jeans and a decent top to slapping on some sunscreen and sweats real quick. Once I realized this stay-at-home order was going to last longer than two weeks (hey, I’m an optimist), everything about my attire went downhill. But on Wednesdays, I have a chance to show my face to all of you, so that means a little makeup and real clothes — above the waist. Sorry, skinny jeans, my sweats and I are married now.

My cozy wrap from Mer Sea works double duty. It keeps me warm in my house, in which my husband sets the thermostat at a cool 70 degrees, and it hides my casual attire in a chic and muted gray and cream. My daughter is modeling it in this picture, since today is Friday and I don’t do office attire on Fridays. Check me — and my wrap — out on Wednesday.


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