Three New Countries Arsenal Complete

The Japanese has best High Tech Weapon in the world.

Special Unit: Tsunami Tank, Chopper VX, Striker VX, King Oni, Form Destroyer Tank.

Special Building: Storm Tower.

Commando: Japanese Yuriko Omega!

Special Power: Japanese Ice Parabomb, Ice Storm.

The Chinese has specialist in HeavyMachinery Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Red Conscript.

Special Unit: Firefly Fighter, Railgun Battlemaster, Dragon Storm Tank, Centurion Siege Crawler.

Special Building: Speaker Tower.

Commando: Chinese Guan Yu!

Special Power: ChineseArtillery Barrage, Lyudmila Nuclear Parabomb.

Dark Empire has specialist in Heavy Unit and TerrorismArsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Rebel,RPG Trooper.

Special Unit: Quad Cannon, Scorpion Tank, Scud Launcher, Scarab Tank.

Commando: DE Mobile Heavy Fortress Cannon.

Special Power: DE Ambush Troops, Anthrax Bomb.

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