Three Sabrent NVMe SSDs are 20% off at Amazon US today

A photo of Sabrent's 256GB and 512GB Rocket NVMe SSDs.

It’s not just Crucial SSDs that are seeing historic low prices today, as there’s a trio of Sabrent Rocket NVMe SSDs going cheap in the US as well right now. With 20% shaved off their respective prices, these 1TB and 2TB NVMe drives could be just the thing for those after a truck load of storage on the cheap – especially if you’ve got your eye on a fancy new PCIe 4.0 SSD, too.

The first and cheapest of the Sabrent SSDs on sale is the fan favourite Rocket, whose 1TB PCIe 3.0 High Performance model has dropped from $150 down to a much more tempting $120, which is the cheapest it’s been all year. The last time it was down to $120 was all the way back in December 2019, according to my Amazon price tracker, although even then it was hopping back up to around $130 pretty regularly even then.

However, if you’d rather future-proof your PC with a super fast PCIe 4.0 compatible Rocket drive, which is the same standard supported by the PS5 and Xbox Series X and will help pave the way for all those load time improvements coming soon with Microsoft’s DirectStorage tech, then you’re in luck, as the 1TB model of this particular Rocket SSD has dropped from $200 down to $160. This is the lowest ever price for Sabrent’s PCIe 4.0 Rocket drive, which has frequently cost well in excess of $215 ever since it came out this time last year. It briefly dropped to $168 during last year’s Black Friday sale, but quickly shot back up to $210 as soon as it was over. Just bear in mind that you will also need a motherboard that supports the PCIe 4.0 standard to make the most of it.

If you’d rather just get as much storage for your money as possible and aren’t that fussed about paying extra for a PCIe 4.0 drive, then turn your attention to the 2TB Rocket Q SSD. Once $250, this PCIe 3.0 drive is down to $200 today, which is also the cheapest it’s ever been according to my Amazon price tracker. The Rocket Q isn’t quite as fast as the regular Rocket, but it is significantly cheaper right now, as the 2TB version of the regular Rocket will set you back a whopping $280 by comparison.

These aren’t the only storage deals taking place today, though, so make sure you also have a read of our regularly updated SSD deals hub to see what else is available before you hit that buy button.

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