Titanium Hound – prototype version 0.01

Hello everyone! I’m glad to announce that I’ve finally assembled playable prototype of Titanium Hound project that allows you to play through one simple mission to see how it looks and how controls work. It has some bugs, it doesn’t have some sound and visual content, but still looks good for basic demonstration purpose. If you would like to play it to form and maybe even share your opinion, feel free to download and install the prototype (please see link in the end of the article).

Currently prototype supports just one resolution – 1280×720 and runs in a window. You will require 64 bit Windows OS and about 220MB of free disk space on your computer. I believe any modern PC (even low-end) will handle this game just perfectly.

To navigate through game menus use WSAD. Press SPACE to select menu options. You can always open main menu during mission by pressing M button. Open settings menu and read the description to learn more about character controls.

Here are some tips about the gameplay. Your energy decreases when you shoot or jump, and increases when you are using shield – control your energy level to be able to perform such actions when needed. If you activate shield while moving, character enters slide mode that allows her to move much faster and jump much higher. Primary shot deals high damage and can ricochet from a hard surface once. Secondary shot deals small damage, but can disable enemies and equipment for few seconds. You lose when your armor drops to zero or you fail to stop the boss on pursuit stage in time. You win after stopping the boss.

You might want to watch these gameplay videos before downloading and playing the prototype yourself to see what you need to be prepared to. First video illustrates cautious approach to a mission, while second shows aggressive playthrough:

You can download Titanium Hound prototype version 0.01 from this public post: Patreon.com

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