Tower Rush new Tier 2 Guardian development is in!

A new Guardian has joined the fold in Tower Rush! Tower Rush is in active development and slated for early-access this Summer 2021, and we wanted to share one of our Guardian spotlights – Durheim the Wildhand!

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Check out Durheim in action!

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As one of the warrior classes in Tower Rush, Durheim uses many spells and abilities to fend off enemies and slay them easily.

The abilities:



Durheim has a chance to deflect incoming damage back to enemies.

Growing Rage

Growing Rage

Every kill grants Durheim bonus damage. Growing Rage activates when Durheim’s health is low.

Wild Blow

Wild Blow

Durheim swings his axe with great strength, damaging enemies ahead.

Calamity Strike

Calamity Strike

Durheim turns invulnerable, dashing forward and striking rapidly in a small area.

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