Trend Outlook: Style Influencers Predict Fall/Winter Fashion – Cowboys and Indians

While we enjoy the heat of summer, retailers are looking ahead to fall and winter styles to bring to their customer base. We asked Western influencers and stylists what they see on the fashion horizon as the months get cooler.


“I believe that AMERICAN MADE items will be HUGE for the fall. Our industry specifically wants to spend money right here at H O M E!

Jewel tones will be a big color impact. I know I know this is typical but I believe we will be seeing them in new materials such a leathers, furs and spandex. There are already celebrities wearing these mixed media materials and color.

DENIM. Yes, it is THE staple of Western but new cuts, colors and rises will be soaring this fall/winter. We will be moving away from the overly stretchy denim and back the the classics. Hello WRANGLER cowboy cut!”


“I think going in the fall and winter wide leg pants are going to be coming in. I think turtlenecks are going to make a return.  I also think cow print is still going to be big!”


“The monochromatic outfits will continue to be a big trend! I love the suit jacket outfits and oversized sweater with boots, and I’ve also really been into 2 piece sets lately.
As much as I love turquoise I’ve been growing my silver and gold stackers to layers with outfits for the classy look. Personally for me the more layers the better!”


“Monochromatic is back, putting together a variety of shades of the same color. E.g. a variety of beiges, or a variety of grays. Color blocking with neutrals and pastels while adding in the still popular animal prints, cheetah, snakeskin, and cow print make a statement. Plaid and stripes are also making its way again back into the mainstream of fashion and is also a great way to break up color.

Denim on denim will forever be a trend that is a go to outfit. However, things such as velvet, suede, and corduroy will be a great way to fit in the 3 trendiest decades that 2020 trends are following to into one outfit. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We all love our Navajo jewelry in all shapes and sizes, in particular more clusters and dainty pieces can be just as much of a statement as a large squash. As far as finding other jewelry to fit in your budget, tortoise is a new and vintage way of adding some unique look to your neutrals. Native beaded hoops, studs, and other styles of earrings are also a great, and inexpensive option to add texture to any outfit. Of course, concho belts will always be in, but I think more dainty and layered pieces are the way of the fall for 2020.”


“Bold Sleeves & Voluminous Sheer Overlays. Lots of nods to Victorian themes here… beautiful lace details, high-neck frilly tops, antique floral prints reminiscent of tapestries, and big, billowing sleeve silhouettes – most those that are big time on the shoulders and taper down the arm.

I’ve noticed a lot of suiting options: some with a nod to the equestrian look, with tall boots and fitted coats; some with a twist on a skirt suit set, pairing longer just-below-the-knee skirts with knee high leather boots or bringing a preppy twist back around with patterned sweater vests and shorter skirts.

Thankfully leather is a trend that just gets to reinvent itself each year! I’m expecting to see some designs coming for colorful leather trench coats, biker jackets, pants/leggings, skirts, and booties.”


“I think western fashion is becoming more refined and classic. It seems like the wild trends like crazy prints, flare jeans, and excessive accessories are going away in favor of simplicity. I’m seeing sleek and streamlined more and more, almost like women are taking business casual looks with the ever so slight western twist.”


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