Try not to get squished by falling safes in Rainbow Six Siege’s new event mode

A new event started in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege yesterday, introducing The Stolen Goods, a limited time game mode where players have to attack or defend a 1920s British mobster hideout full of safes. There are a few twists to this new mode, but the important one to know right now is that the floors are completely breakable, allowing players to shoot out the floorboards beneath the safes to get them to drop to different levels. A good strategy, right? Well, yeah, as long as you don’t stand directly beneath the dense cubes of metal hurtling towards you.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Looney Tunes, you can probably imagine what you’re about to see.

It possible to die from the vault from Rainbow6

The careful consideration of each shot this player makes is what really gets me here. They spend so long looking for the specific planks to shoot out – they move around, take another shot, have a little reload, then just stare at the safe as it plummets towards their head.

Some players are successfully using these new ground-breaking mechanics, however. It seems like shooting the safes down can actually be a viable strategy, so long as you’re more careful with your footing.

The new gamemode is pog af! from Rainbow6

My main surprise with these is how long players are standing shooting at the ceiling without getting snuck up on and murdered by the enemy team.

This next one is particularly impressive. I was convinced it was going to end up in a similar way to that first one until I noticed the death pop up in the kill feed. Well played.

Safe kill. from Rainbow6

I’m hesitant to try out this game mode because I honestly think it’ll be me rapidly descending through the building rather than the safes. It looks like a lot of chaotic fun though, and if you fancy trying it yourself, The Stolen Goods game mode is live for the next two weeks as part of Siege’s Grand Larceny event.

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