TV flashback to show ancient sport of cnapan – Western Telegraph

COMEDIAN and presenter Tudur Owen (Tourist Trap) is back with a brand new series of Tudur’s TV Flashback as he celebrates Wales’ funniest and quirkiest television moments.

In the third episode of the series, due to air tonight on BBC One Wales at 8:30pm, he’s rummaging through the BBC Wales archives to explore our love of sport – both conventional and the unconventional kind.

One of the more unconventional sports that will be shown is the traditional game of the ancient Welsh sport of cnapan between Nevern and Trefdraeth.

Blue Peter’s Yvette Fielding is in Bala to take a canoeing lesson. With only one evening’s experience in a swimming pool previously, she undertakes the capsize drill before heading off on her very first river voyage.

Other archive clips include the new sport of grass skiing as an alternative to needing snow-covered mountains and surfing at Langland Bay.

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