Ultimate Immersion Overhaul Guide (Army General-A)

Army General Overview

1. Movement changes: Units now have increased movement range due to increased max AP: 3 -> 4 (4 -> 5 for recon). This allows for more maneuverability for units but units still only recover 3 AP per turn!

2. Entrench & Deploy AA Changes: Entrenching and Deploying AA now takes 4 AP, also AA deploy takes a turn to complete just like entrenchment, so be careful when/where you choose to deploy!

Deploy AA

Along with this, AA Deploy effectiveness has now been nerfed significantly, making using planes for air superiority more viable. (See here)

AA Deployed

AA vs Fighters

3. Bombardment nerf: Units that can bombard (with the exception of airplanes) now take 4 AP to bombard, which effectively makes a battery only able to bombard a target once every 2 turns.

Unit after bombarding (Unable to bombard for another turn)

4. Strength value rework: Strength value now works very differently, it now relies heavily on veterancy for strength calculations.

This also works to help balance auto resolve!

5. Battle experience (WIP): Battle experience is a new mechanic introduced in this mod! Now in battle, if a unit gains a certain amount of kills (depending on the destroyed unit’s combat power) it will eventually gain experience levels, to simulate the soldiers getting more experienced over the course of battles. Currently it does not carry across into the campaign map (WIP) It is being worked on.

Let me know if there’s anything specific you would want me to clear up and I’ll explain it as best as I can! 🙂 More articles will come later so let me know if there’s any questions or suggestions you have! Have fun!

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