Unreal Evolution v2.0 Beta

Unreal Evolution v2.0 is now in Beta!

The primary focus in this version is the Return To Na Pali Overhaul. This is a overhaul of the RtNP expansion pack in the same fashion as Unreal Evolution did for the base game. However, since RtNP wasn’t very good, more liberties are taken than with the base game. Primarily in level design.

Testers are needed! If you would like to join the beta and get the download, join the discord: Discord.gg


Experience a classic FPS with polished, expanded and improved design across the board: Artificial intelligence expansions, subtle and meaningful level design, sound effect and graphics improvements, improved weapon design, deepened player control, bug fixing, tight challenge and more.

v2 Release Notes

Scroll down if you’re interested in the Return to Na Pali expansion pack overhaul. These notes are for improvements to the base game.


-Added AI compatibility to Unreal Evolution’s Mutator. Now when you play any other mod with Unreal Evolution’s Mutator enabled, most suitably fan missions, you get UE’s upgraded weapons, AI and inventory.


Dodging has already been greately improved in previous versions of UE, now it is nearing perfection.
-You can now dodge up any sloped surface, and dodging is slightly faster.
-Step height is increased slightly while dodging (step height is whether or not you’ll move up geometry when running, picture stairs).
-Added a dodge meter to the HUD. This also doubles as a breath meter when underwater. To turn off the meter, enable double click dodging


-Reduced the frequency that Mercenaries use their tech (invulnerability, invisibility and self-destruct) by 20%
-Killed Tentacles leave behind blood on the ceiling.
-Improved Giant Gasbag AI (it’s a surprise).
-Slowed flak brute rate of fire slightly.
-Reduced the blinding area of the Gasbag blinding projectile.
-All enemies that have a randomised chance of appearing have an additional 10% chance of spawning on hardcore mode.
-the minigun no longer stunlocks enemies
-Reduced the frequency in which the Titan attacks krall, since its rock damage is considerably reduced. Relevant during the dasa cellars bossfight
-Brutes can now only ram down small doors.
-Tentacles in the hiding state are now vulnerable to Bio Rifle/corroded damage.
-New minor enemy type: baby spider
-reduced fly health slightly
-Slith use their soundwave attack slightly more frequently and efficiently.
-Slith can use their spit ranged attack at a greater range.
-Mercenaries are much less likely to fire rockets if you’re close range. Even less so if they’re close range and cloaked.
-Fixed The Warlord not teleporting away at the end of battle as intended.
-1st Titan Bossfight: You will be knocked down from the central pillar if you attempt to hide up there and cheese the bossfight.


-Improved gibbing and blood effects.
-Added a bunch of new interesting features/level design work to a variety of maps.
-Picking up jump boots and super jump boots automatically activates them. Also increased the size of the model by 25% so they stand out more.
-ASMD firing effects and colors now more closely resemble vanilla for faithfulness.
-Reduced Rifle Base Damage (non-headshot) by 10.
-Ruins: added a nice surprise
-Minigun spin up time mod also now applies to spin down time too.
-Moderate further improvements to dispersion pistol effects.
-Decreased minigun primary fire accuracy slightly since its rate of fire was increased.
-Projectiles fired from within water out to something above the water line will cause splashing as the projectile leaves the water.
-Refined grenade throwing
-Bugfix: Dispersion pistol new impact effects won’t draw when hitting enemies.
-Slightly increased enemy ASMD dodge frequency
-Increased Stinger base rate of fire slightly
-Decreased Rifle base rate of fire back to vanilla
-Vanilla Bugfix: scuba gear retains the breath you had prior to activating, and won’t immediately drown you when deactivated underwater.
-Razor blades stick to walls after deflecting 5 times rather than disappearing.
-Enemy alt fire razor blades won’t lop your head off in one hit (as with primary fire blades in Unreal Evolution).
-Reduced dispersion pistol recharge rate mod to +25% from +30%
-Redesigned recoil mods: most recoil mods now reduce recoil by 50%. Two applied eliminates recoil entirely.
-Added new weapon mods to the game (x2 so far)
-Bullets now eject from the AutoMag more accurately to the model, and also different eject trajectory depending on whether you are firing gangsta style or not.
-Increased automag alt fire rate of fire and accuracy slightly to be more worthy instead of just headshotting with primary fire.
-Gave the automag slightly faster reload, equip and holster speeds to better rival the minigun.
-SkyCaves: you can now save the Nali from being thrown to his death


-Chizra: Fixed a door trigger
-Removed a redundant file from the install (Upak.u)
-Ruins: Made a weapon module appear on very hard and unreal difficulties as was intended.
-Bugfix: projectiles passing into new water zones from another water zone now no longer cause splashing
-Fixed unwanted translator messages.
-Mercenary self-detonate ring effect uses a higher res texture.
-Harobed: fixed giant rock falling through the floor under certain circumstances
-Dig: moved the bars up in the skaarj lights out trap so that you can’t self-harm boost over them.
-Dig: Added many new surprises. Some exclusive to hardcore.
-Bluff: added better subtle signposting as to where to go.
-Dug: Added many new surprises. Some exclusive to hardcore
-NyLeve: Added many new surprises. Some exclusive to hardcore
-ExtremeBeg: Removed sunlight corona from hunting ground simulation.
-Dark Arena: Added many new surprises. Some exclusive to hardcore
-Chizra: Added a few refinements/new additions.
-Ceremony: Added a few refinements/new additions.
-Terranuix: Added a few refinements/new additions.
-Trench: Overhauled lighting
-Made rotation of grenade ring explosion effect match the rotation of the grenade at the time of detonation


RTNP wasn’t very good. The main reason for this was its level design, with some exceptions such as maps that were restored from Unreal itself. I’ve taken many liberties with the level design to make it worthy of Unreal.

Map modification classification:
BASE = Baseline map modification (every map has this). Resource distribution. New enemies. New secret areas. General polishing. New weapon upgrade mods to find. Hardcore mode implementation. Possible map flow changes and scripting. Minor graphics touchups.
MEDIUM = Base + moderate expansions to a level, making it bigger.
MAJOR = Huge overhaul of a map. An example of this is Glacena or the final map. Both were low quality levels in comparison to Unreal. Now you’ll have tons of fun.

Only a few maps have MAJOR changes.
Many other maps have MEDIUM changes.
The remaining get BASE treatment.


-Ice Skaarj now perform their lunge attack from a greater distance, more frequently, and it actually connects consistently (bugfix).
-Ice Skaarj also teleport (different conditions to Skaarj Officer).
-Some Elite Krall fire predominantly homing magic missiles
-New enemy: Ice slith. Look different/blue and are a lot faster on land.
-RTNP Marines are nerfed (mainly in terms of accuracy and DPS).


All have been given the UE treatment: visual effects, balancing, feel, sound, weapon upgrade choices. Much work has gone into them.
It’s important to note some new functionality of the fire modes:

-Alt fire is no longer a hitscan grenade launcher but a projectile launcher instead.
Grenade Launcher:
-Primary fire now explodes on contact with any surface.
Rocket Launcher:
-Alt fire TOW rocket laser guidance is now much more accurate.
-Cut weapon from Unreal. Polished up and added in alongside the three weapons of the expansion pack.
This is far from redundant now. It may just become your favorite weapon.


-The Story now plays out without cutscenes, making it like Unreal’s storytelling (environmental + text) and not interupting the game.

Link to Original Story

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