Untold Story

for the people that are curious of whats happening in our mod progress.. heres a little peak of what is happening for part 1 of the mod.


the terminal plaza is one of the maps in the making right now, its going to have our own imagination and depiction of the map, we are going to add npcs later since the map is still 30% complete tho its looking good so far. freeman is going to escape from an abandoned factory that is going to lead to the terminal plaza,

c17 terminal

after the terminal we are going to re-create one of the maps of 2001 storyline and we are going to make the construction site, and the consulcast…


we are also revamping the old industrial maps that we had, industrial_01_01 and industrial_01_02.

industrial 01 01

industrial 01 2

after all of that we continue making more maps, we are also implementing a bullsquid in the mod to fite more like in the leak


textures test0010

the model is from half-life source, we dont have our own modeler in the team so we used the source version, its going to have custom skins for it and AI wich is in wip


one of our most finished maps is “outside_c17” wich is one of the maps that leads you to the wasteland

it already has npcs and scripted sequences thru the map

outside c17 01

outside c17 01

we are open for a modeler, if you are one, it would be a nice thing for us. thats all for now.

thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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