Upcoming Map: Desolation Station

Welcome to Desolation Station, a Imperial Mining and Production Facility located deep within a dense asteroid field.

This new map consists of vast caverns and tight interiors as well as a open battlefield across the surface of the asteroid. This is by far one of Legacy’s most technical maps using new methods and material values overhauling how previous maps handled graphics.

This map will be the first to release using the new terrain generation and texturing concept teased in some earlier posts about Hoth and Kashyyyk, this gives the map a stunning view from the air.

(Not final terrain size)

This map will continue to push the limits for Star Wars Battlefront II’s version of the Zeroengine and we intend for it to be the basis and template for future major map releases as it raises the standards for what we do.

Sadly, despite all I have to say about this map it is actually still in a very early stage and is still quite a long way from being released but from this collection of screenshots, I think what I hyped up is justified.

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