Updates. What about a public beta ?

Hello guys.

This update is a bit special, as there won’t be another one soon.

The progress has been really slow lately, as I have been plagued by bugs of all kinds.
Compiling bugs, logic bugs, it seemed that every time I tried to add something it came with a new bug attached.

I was planning to reach release candidate in April, but I am far from this.
Problem is that I will have no time for the mod in the coming monthes. So whatever work left will have to wait .
I finished a bunch of tasks though, included the full textures update for NPC and most of mutants.
You have a preview of the two main stalker groups and the updated flesh mutant below.
NPC also have new faces, and all have at least updated outfits, some have brand new ones.
Flesh mutant is now a very dangerous beast, much faster and very strong. I always found that mutant a little lame, very weak and quite useless.
It has really sharp pointy limbs (I think the original uses lobster claw texture and shape !), and it should be a lot more dangerous with these huge weapons.
So now if it hits you, you get a lot of damages. And they run pretty fast too. Beware.
As dogs and boars, there is 3 variations. Different sizes, two different skins, and different skills. The bigger ones are more resistant and more deadly.

So now the big question.
What about an open beta using the current version of the mod ?
As I won’t be able to work on it for a while, I was thinking that may be having a detailed feedback from you guys would help me a lot when I’ll be back to this. I would have a good idea about how to improve and update the current version in addition of having modt bugs identified and reported.
The downside for you is that as it’s a story driven mod, once the plot is spoiled by playing the beta, would it be interesting to play the final version ?
Tell me what you think about that in the comments.
Getting a beta version ready for the public would be quite easy, I just want to be sure it’s the right move.

I was reading Roadside Picnic recently, and it almost made me scrap the current mod and move to a new one closely based on the novel. Almost all assets are ready for such a mod, and in fact I am surprised we don’t have one yet.
I know there is a couple of mods already trying to be more faithful to the novel/movie, but they still are very far from it.
I would really like a mod with a zone without humans, a lot more dangerous and distorted. And also an outskirt where humans live, where life is quite normal, with an underground economic system where a few stalkers are paid good money to scavenge weird items from the zone.
But well, I have no time anyway.

So here is some previews of the new updates, cheers !

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ss lo 04 10 21 15 33 36 agropro

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ss lo 03 27 21 10 27 51 l03 gar

ss lo 03 27 21 10 28 24 l03 gar

ss lo 04 10 21 15 29 05 agropro

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