Valhalla Scope update

Hello fellow gamers in these trying times pensive emoji,

I receive lots of questions about the size of this mod, which I would like to address. As of right now, it appears that in Valhalla, there will be:
A minimum of 23 total maps, with 16 story maps ( including bts / nonstandard puzzles ) and approximately 7 test chambers.

Story Maps started: 12
Story Maps fully completed: 0
Story Maps nearing completion: 2
Test Chambers Built: ~4

This may sound like a very small workload compared to some other mods, or even to the base games of Portal 1 or 2, but each map will be created with purpose and story; as well as involve numerous aspects unique to Valhalla that are not present in the base game or other mods. (eg: new visual styles, human npcs, unconventional gameplay, and a heavy focus on a player-centric story.) These new aspects of the game, along with my desire to deliver the highest quality possible, still make for a long development period.

I am currently NOT looking for playtesters at this time!

To conclude, here are a few new screenshots.

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