Version 1.2.5 just Released

The latest update to DOOM BFA manage to fix many issues, added some new stuff and improve some stability issues.


From now on the Flashlight will have an icon on the HUD and on the PDA, only when is set to the original.

Also added a new view for DOOM 3 that is centering the weapon like in the classic games, the weapon models weren’t meant for that and because of that there might be some noticable issues with the models and their positioning.


Framerate interpolation have been vastly improved and is now more accurate than before.

And on DOOM 3 like in the multiplayer, now and in single player the framerate will remain consistent.


Finally fixed the fullscreen booting issue, which can allow even those who have issue with the original executables to run the game in fullscreen. And also fixed the lighting issues with the player model field of view.

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