Vesuvius Beta Release

This week after reviewing gameplay footage, we decided to make major changes to game and level progression. We wanted to provide players a more engaging storyline which involved extending the opening scene, creating an ending scene, and improving the way the player fixes the ship. We also removed weapons from the shop and arranged them throughout the levels to give the player a chance to gradually improve their gear as they make their way through the game. In an attempt to improve level progression, we changed our individual game levels from a large grid of rooms where the player needs to search for the boss to a more directed winding path through the level. Other smaller changes involve boosting the power of the teleporter to briefly distract enemies, giving the player a limited number of lives, and creating a weaker attack for when the player is out of energy.

Change Log:

  • Teleporting tricks enemies into shooting at your old spot for a short duration
  • Player shoots weaker bullets when out of energy
  • Crab enemy bug fixes
  • New gun progression through levels
  • New title screen introduces the storyline
  • Potion bug fixes
  • New boss health bar
  • Create short window of vulnerability for second boss
  • Limit player to 3 lives
  • Physical enemy interaction bug fixes
  • Boss fights end in physical engine repair drops
  • Remodeled portal back to the ship
  • Enemies stop swarming the door when the player leaves a room
  • Enemies spawn in preset locations in each room type
  • Level generation occurs linearly instead of in a grid
  • Improved enemy pathfinding
  • Players can only fix the engine when they are in the engine room
  • Ending scene and dialog
  • NEW: Game trailer

Link to our page: here

First draft of our trailer:

[embedded content]

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