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Warbandits is a submod for a popular Mount & Blade Warband mod “BannerPage” which greatly expands the outlaw troop tree and modifying the parties of bandits roaming Calradia. Making the war-torn region even more dangerous than it previously was.

The mod is to make the outlaw faction more dangerous, but with it give new possibilities to players to give the outlaw a fighting chance and love, banding together and becoming the Warbandits of Calradia. So now you, the lover of outlaw roleplay can fight head-on with other factions knowing you stand a chance!

This mod is heavily inspired by Bannerlord’s “Banditlords” by Chamiro, CHensokyo and other Banditlord devs. A big thank you to Banditlords for permitting me to use their content (mainly names etc, cause frankly speaking I rather obtain permission to do so than just blatantly copy it out.) therefore you can call Warbandits a slimmed out conversion for BannerPage mod.

I would love to point out that this my first ever “submod”, I genuinely don’t want to call this a mod as it barely adds anything besides new troops and extended outlaw faction troop tree, however, if time and possibility permits I would love to carry out this project further.

So what does the submod bring to the table?

Warbandits, as previously stated expands the bandit troop tree, giving it an overhaul. Making bandits more interesting to fight with and even command as your troops, I always had the desire to play as a bandit king, but sadly Warband or most mods never really gave any care to outlaw faction, the mod will expand the troop trees of:

  • Mountain Bandits
  • Forest Bandits
  • Taiga Bandits
  • Looters & Bandits
  • Steppe Bandits

Currently, the Looters & Bandits is the one that is being worked on and 97% completed:

Untitled 1

Bandits now have their cavalry unit which will also expand into cavalry units with bows named “Mounted Ambushers”. However, their equipment is still regarded as … Bad, even if their skills say otherwise which can be seen below:

20200425172934 1

20200425172957 1

When it comes to heavier units, bandits now carry on mean folks with them which is Bandit Ironclad – a heavy armoured two-handed bulky son of a gun, however, due to lack of shield and slowed down running speed they won’t that effective as you think, which is where the bandit champion comes in with its shield. You can say that champion is rather very similar to an ironclad, however, there are some differences.

20200425173539 1

20200425173548 1

Please do bear it in mind that stats & equipment are bound to change, be it by suggestion or the fact that it might not fit the unit as I previously thought. I’m hoping to have the release go out when the BannerPage 2.0 comes out, as I fear there might be too many changes which will result of re-doing rather a lot, so bear with me!

Please do let me know your suggestions on additional units, changes in equipment or skills! I would love to add much more than its original version banditlord has for Bannerlord.


GorillaGuerrilla – For the fantastic BannerPage mod and giving permission to create this submod.

Chamiro, CHensokyo and Banditlord devs for allowing me to use their work as inspiration to convert it to Warband.

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