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Pairing Adidas sneakers with a traditional lehenga, Gandhi manages to live up to her signature hypebae-in-comfortwear image. After all, fashion, for her, has always been a form of self-expression and she continues to use it to that end.

Like her, the cast of 10 is filled with members who are secular, diverse, and idiosyncratic. Amid a group of queer, trans, and gender nonconforming people is transgender radio jockey Shanthi Muniswamy and Indian illustrator and activist Priyanka Paul, who goes by the name Artwhoring.

“I wanted our cast to feel authentically part of our circle, rather than feeling tokenized. I wanted to bring in folks whose work I, or the rest of the team, already follow and are genuine fans of,” says Gandhi, an LGBTQIA+ supporter, who has been hosting discussions about gender liberation on her Instagram during Pride Month.

“Indrakshi Pattanaik, Kanika Karvinkop (of the Mumbai vintage store No Borders) and I wanted to style each girl in a way that celebrated the rich history of Indian fashion, while still ensuring their authentic identity,” says Gandhi, who has collaborated with 14 homegrown brands including NorBlack NorWhite, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Kanika Goyal, Kichu, and James Ferreira. This is not the first time she has enlisted local brands. In 2017, Gandhi first partnered with athleisure brand NorBlack NorWhite during her debut India tour, to raise awareness about rampant sexual assault against women in India and around the world. Once again, she revived her connections with the Delhi-based brand for a collection of T-shirts, jumpsuits, and silk dresses that can be spotted in “Young Indian,” a song the Harvard graduate wrote critiquing the elite education system.

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