Watching Warzone players failing to loot bunkers is heartbreaking and hilarious

So you found a bunker I see from r/CODWarzone

I can only imagine the euphoria of successfully opening a bunker in Call of Duty: Warzone and sifting through crates upon crates of potent loot. To even get that far, not only do you have to be lucky enough to get your hands on a red access key card—an item so rare that it isn’t even guaranteed to drop from a legendary crate—you have to scour the vast desert wastes of Verdansk to find one of the game’s 12 vaults. (See my Warzone bunker locations guide for help with that.)

So it must be an emotional roller coaster when, while you’re excitedly sharing out your loot, your whole team gets run over by a truck.

That’s what happened to a team on the receiving end of Dry-House’s homicidal driving, as you can see in the Reddit post above. It all starts when his team spots another squad relishing the spoils of a job well done in the bunker northeast of Prison—it’s one of the most well-known vault locations, so maybe the unlucky team could’ve played this a bit smarter.

Either way, spotting an opportunity to benefit from all of a bunker’s rare goodies with none of the legwork, one of Dry-House’s squad drops down a cliff, hops resourcefully into a truck and drives all the way into the vault, getting a quite impressive team wipe in the process. It’s satisfying to watch in a weird way: essentially hurtling through the eye of a needle, the truck fits through the tunnel perfectly.

You’ve got to feel for the other team, cut down in their triumphant prime. But they’re not the only ones: Unsurprisingly, Verdansk is full of opportunistic types ready to pounce on any teams approaching a vault with a key card in hand. These underhand tactics won’t shock any Apex Legends or Fortnite regulars—battle royale games that already include this feature—but since I’m still to my open my first bunker, it’s hard to resist the schadenfreude right now.

Thanks for the free bunker access. from r/CODWarzone

Take this other team that also made the mistake of hitting the Prison vault. In the Reddit post above, VeryOldYoda gleefully captures the moment where he pushes a squad from loot bonanza to the Gulag in a matter of moments. They pay the price for not taking the subtle approach really: Their getaway helicopter is conspicuously hovering outside the entrance as the vault’s yellow bars slowly give way, and VeryOldYoda’s majestic RPG shot is a sight to behold.

Some players don’t even need any enemies to get themselves killed as they attempt to loot a bunker. Take the experiences of Redditor LikeThiz, someone who experiences all the emotions in a fraught 49 seconds. Making the rookie error of going into a vault with the circle closing in, well… you can probably guess how it goes. With great risk often comes great reward, or so they say.

So many emotions in 49 seconds… from r/CODWarzone

Battle royale matches are punctuated with jubilant highs and excruciating lows, and you can see them all in these clips in quick succession. Nabbing an access key and successfully reaching a vault is undoubtedly one of Warzone’s highs, but it looks devastating to have it all taken away in an instant. I suppose the lesson to learn is, if you find yourself with a key card and a bunker nearby, consider spending as much time thinking about getting out as you do going in.

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