WD’s Blue SN550 drops to an all-time low of just $44

WD Blue SN550

Man alive, it is all go on the SSD deals front today. If Aria selling a 250GB Samsung 860 Evo for a mere £36 wasn’t enough, then US folk will be glad to hear that for the next 16-odd hours, Amazon US have slashed 37% off the price of our very best SSD for gaming, the WD Blue SN550, taking the 250GB model down to an all-time low of just $44. If it wasn’t disgustingly good value when it first came out, it sure is now.

Alas, only the 250GB model of the WD Blue SN550 is on sale today as part of Amazon’s WD Storage Deals of the Day, so you’ll still have to fork out $65 for the 500GB model and $130 for the 1TB version if you want anything larger. Still, even though these are the regular prices for the 500GB and 1TB models, they’re still pretty good value compared to other NVMe SSDs out there, as you can see from our regularly updated SSD deals hub.

The WD Blue SN550 isn’t the only bit of WD storage on sale today, though, as there are also some savings to be had on WD’s portable SSD and HDDs as well. Chief among them is over $30 off the 500GB model of their external Black P50 SSD, and a saving of $25 on the 5TB Black P10 HDD, taking it down to just $100.

Amazon will tell you you’re actually saving $50 on the Black P10, but our price tracker says otherwise. Instead of costing $150, it’s been hovering around the $120/125 mark ever since the middle of April. Sure, it might have been $150 when it first came out last September, but it hasn’t been that expensive for quite a while. Still, apart from a brief dip to $92 for a single day in March, this is still the cheapest the 5TB Black P10 has ever been on Amazon, so it’s still a great time to pick one up regardless.

What’s more, the 5TB Black P10 is currently a much better buy than any of the other P10 capacities right now, too, as the 4TB model still goes for $120, while the 2TB costs $75. As a result, you’re getting a lot more storage for your money with the 5TB model, making this a bargain worth snapping up while you can, especially if the current Steam sale has “accidentally” seen your game library balloon in size.

There are plenty more WD bits and bobs on sale, of course, but most are limited to microSD cards and USB sticks, making the three I’ve outlined above the most important ones for us PC peeps. By all means have a browse if you’re in need of some other storage devices, though, as these deals won’t stick around for long.

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