Weekly Update: 12-7-2020

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Dark Fracture Pre-Alpha Demo

With a bit over two weeks behind us. We wanted to, as ever, let you all know about what we have been and will be doing. As ever, no week is idle when developing. And while much of our effort has been concentrated around upcoming updates and fixes based on the mountains of feedback we have delved into. That is not all that we have toiled away during these past weeks.

First, as mentioned above, we have taken quite a bit of time unraveling more and more feedback. Watching through video footage of our community both on Youtube and outside of it. Tracking and squashing bugs and oddities as we are able. And going over pain points. Though a full update on what changes are coming and when is not quite ready. There are certainly changes and improvements coming your way.

Of course, that is not all. And even amidst the work behind polishing and updating the experience we already have out there. We have been toiling behind the scenes to push our game further. Sending applications and reaching out to many online gaming festivals and expos. This, we do to help spread the word and push Dark Fracture further into the light. Which in turn would lead to more feedback and thus improvements to our title.

Lastly, we have been slaving away at what’s to come in the future. Though it will be a while yet before you get to experience more of Dark Fracture beyond the journey available in the demo. There is certainly much much more coming and we will have more than a few exciting announcements in weeks to come.

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Keeping in the theme of what’s to come. For this weeks tease we wish to share a few assets that might hint at where the story may be headed. Though these are all taken in a working environment and as ever, the final product might change.

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