What Does A Fashion Brand Need To Achieve Cult Status? – Refinery29

Customers are indeed moving away from fashion brands — especially of the fast variety — that only offer clothing, and toward those that have a mission behind them. “Two brands that have had a viral moment this year are Marine Serre and Telfar,” says Hersan. “I think both brands are symbolic of the things that are important to consumers in 2020: sustainability, diversity, and community.” According to a Vestiare report, Marine Serre experienced a 1,200% increase in sales over the past year, becoming one of its top five most listed sustainable brands. After Beyoncé and Adele wore the label’s crescent moon print designs, global fashion search platform Lyst also saw a spike of 426%. Telfar, likewise, has seen a 270% increase in search since being spotted on AOC. It helps that both brands have instantly recognizable elements — Marine Serre with the crescent moon print and Telfar with the oversized logo — which don’t guarantee brand success, but also don’t not.Source

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