What happened?

Hi, Predice here!

So a few of you could be wondering:
What the hell happened, why it is broken, why I can’t download it, why don’t I have a suit at the beginning?

1, What happened?

We did a last second change regarding the Credits at the end of the game. In the credits you was still able to see your HUD, that wasn’t intended. So I just asked S├íra to do “hidehud -1” when the credits map show up, so you can’t see your HUD during the credits. And enable it again when the background map comes up again. Appearantly this broke something and for the new players (us devs it didn’t occur for some reason) they started out with “hidehud -1” by default.

2.Why is it broken?

I don’t know, players start out with hidehud -1 what disables their HUD. So you have suit and everything, you just can’t see your HUD, thus you cant cycle weapons and stuff. So if you play with that broken mess
You can just enable cheats and type “hidehud 0” in the console.


There is a bug when SOMETIMES the level transition from the second to the third level is just broken.
We are fixing that too

3.Why can’t I download it?

I’ve asked the ModDB staff to remove the download, I don’t want people to download the broken version.

4.When is the fix going to happen PEREDICE? I WANNA PLAY!

Most likely today.

5.Whats next?

We will release again, Roll out a patch, add some more maps possibly and we will try to get it on steam, and we will move on to other projects.

6.Who’s fault is this?

Noone’s we couldn’t possibly predicted this, since it never occured to us

These stuff happen, people seem to took this alright, they were understanding. And if you read this I want you to be understanding too. It happens, making mistakes is a path to success. We’ll try to fix this but be patient.

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Until next time, Farewell!

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