What if games made your entire desk rumble?

As seminal hip-hop artists Ant & Dec said: Let’s get ready ready, let’s get ready to rumble. YouTuber and maker Teenenggr has answered the question: what if instead of plugging a rumble pack into your N64 controller, you plugged it into your desk, and also it was ten times larger?

There’s a video below of his keyboard and monitor rattling around his desk every time he fires a gun in Crysis, and it’s glorious.

I appreciate this. Not just this silly device he’s made, but the efforts to make the video fun and fast, too. Good work.

You can apparently download the code used to make this from Teenenggr’s site, though presumably you’re on your own when it comes to hooking a motor up to your desk.

This isn’t the first time Teenenggr has built something like this, either. Nine months ago he built a contraption that added heavy-duty rumble to a mouse when he fired a weapon in a game. It looked like it was going to stap him in the finger at any moment.

This is one of those rare instances where I miss physical games events, because this looks like the kind of thing I might have one day played in the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed.

Unrelatedly, I’ve been enjoying the Genius page for Ant & Dec’s Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, which has some keen insights into the song. For example, the line, “A sentence for us has to end in a rhyme!” is apparently a diss of American free verse poet Donald Hall. Valid context, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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