What We Wear When No One’s Looking – Refinery29

Quarantine life has also confirmed what I already knew to be true — I dress and present myself for myself, first and foremost. The way that my apartment hallway has become my personal runway, where no one can see my cute outfit or hairstyle except for my kids and my plants, makes it clear. I’d be lying if I said that the dopamine boost from attention from others didn’t matter, though. Aside from raising two girls and being aware that I am their first model for what womanhood can look like, the next most impactful external validation for me is the one I get from other Black women when we’re out and about. There’s nothing like the way Black women gas each other up in public. When will I hear my next “Ok, dress!” or “Yes, hair!” with a light hand touch as we pass each other in the street? I’m not sure, but I’ll relish it when it happens again. Source

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