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Hello all, It has been a while since I have posted here on Moddb, and just to tell you all that im back! I will start re-uploading here quite soon. For those who might say the mod is dead, it is not, as I’m still working on it, however i am re-working and re-building the mod from scratch, and even posting some beta test patches and releases on my discord server (for those who don’t know by now).

Now the reason why i have not really posted on Moddb for a while now was just because i re-worked the mod, i didn’t really want to post numerous patches everytime i changed something with the factions and clutter my mod download list with like 30 patches/releases of the mod.

Anyways, I’m back on here and will be posting some images/articles and talking about the mod progress, for starters, there are still only 3 factions in the mod, GDI, Nod, and Scrin (as usual, haven’t really changed that much in terms of factions, plus i prefer 3 factions instead of 9, 9 factions just hurts my brain thinking of what to theme each faction with as there is barely any option nowadays that another mod has not done yet)

“Will I ever be gone again from Moddb?” We’ll see. Since I do have a plan for the direction of the mod, and the plan is to finish what i started here for KW, then maybe port the mod over to TW, so whoever doesn’t have, or doesn’t like KW, then you will still be given the option to play the mod, but for TW. (Note: Some stuff might not get ported over to TW, which means that some features that are KW exclusive (mechapede or reckoner for example), MIGHT not be seen in TW, it depends really whether I can port them over or not.

With that said, here is the first update list (with some screenshots)

– New Infantry death effects! (new blood effects and radiation goo)

– New particle effects (smoke, trail,gun bullets, explosions, etc…)

– Added new gun firing sounds

– Added new impact explosion sounds

– Re-textured each faction to have a specific color

– ALL Fire textures (fireballs, explosions, fire streams) have been enhanced


– Replaced the normal Predator tank with the new Zone Predator Tank with rocket pods! (Thanks to Predator addon made by stygs)

– Added the new Sandstorm hover unit

– Renamed the “Reclamator Hub” to “Advanced Production Facility”, Only produces tier 2 units and above

– Added new mirage tank, athena cannon, and guardian robot tanks (Only available at Advanced Production Facility)

– Added Zone Raiders to the build queue, along with the new prism trooper

– Replaced the Commando with the new Zone Commando

– Orcas now have the ability to switch between Sonic shells ammo and rocket pods ammo (pulse scan has been removed)

– Firehawks now have Carpet Bombs!

– Added the new Advanced Research Lab Building for t5 upgrades (Yes we now have t5 tech, I’m trying to make the tech tree even more branched)

– Predators and Mammoth Tanks and Guardian Cannons have the ability to switch between Railguns and sonic shells (30 seconds to switch between them)

– Added the New Zone Kodiak Airship Superunit (called in by support power)(Thanks to Egozi44 and Stygs for the death animation and model)

– Moved upgrades around and added new upgrades! (Replaced some existing ones)
> Command Post Upgrades: Composite Armor – Scanner Packs – Orca Sensor Pod

> Tank Armory Upgrades: HE Ammo – Pitbull Mortar – Power Packs – Self-Repair

> Airfield Upgrades: Ceramic Armor – Laser Capacitors – Stratofighter Booster

> Tech Center Upgrades: Tungsten AA Shells – Railguns – ThermoBaric Missiles – Sonic Repulsion Field

> Space Command Uplink Upgrades: Overkill – High Technology Upgrade

> Advanced Research Lab Upgrades: ElectroStatic Accelerators – Sonic Shells – Adaptive Armor – EMP Grenades

Changes to Upgrades:
1) Composite Armor: Affects now Engineers and Grenadiers

2) Scanner Packs: Affects More Units

3) HE Ammo: Replaces AP Ammo

4) Power Packs: Affects More Units

5) Self-Repair: New Upgrade for All GDI Vehicles

6) Laser Capacitor: New Upgrade for Zone Hammerheads and Zone Kodiak

7) ThermoBaric Missiles: New Weapon Upgrade for missiles

8) Sonic Repulsion Field: No longer a support power, but an upgrade for all GDI Buildings

9) Overkill: New Zone Kodiak Weapon Upgrade

10) High Technology Upgrade: New Upgrade to unlock units

11) Electrostatic Accelerators: New Weapon Upgrade for Zone Shatterers and Sonic Emitters

12) Sonic Shells: New Weapon Upgrade for Zone Predators, Mammoth Tanks, Guardian Cannons, Zone Juggernauts, and Zone Orcas

13) Adaptive Armor: New Armor Upgrade (tampered a bit with it’s buffs and effects)

– New Hammerhead death model (thnx to Stygs)

– Outpost now can detect stealth, and has 2 Repair Drones

– Barracks can now heal injured infantry (they do not have an infantry buff effect like in version 1.75 anymore)

– Replaced the Commando with the new Zone Commando

– Added Zone Raiders to the build queue, along with the new prism trooper

– Replaced Juggernaut with the new Zone Juggernaut

– Replaced Shatterer with Zone Shatterer

– Tiberium Processing Plant has been nerfed, it now only multiplies income by 25% (x1.25), and costs 15 energy, however it’s cost has been reduced from 5000 to 2500

– Added New ASAT defence building that reveals the whole map

– Build limit of Ripple Rocket Battery has been lowered from 5 to 2 and has been nerfed heavily

– New Athena Cannon and Mirage Tank


Now, in that changelog, some of you may notice that alot of things have been changed, some stuff remained the same as in version 1.75, however alot of stuff is different and new, and the theme of GDI is more of a faction that focuses on Zone tech/Sonic tech/tiberium eradication.
To wrap things up, here are a few screenshots of what some of the new stuff looks like:

New Adaptive armor (and finally, i managed to get the shader/model on every unit):

20200511125855 2

New ThermoBaric Missile Upgrade look (also missile trails have been edited, they look much better now with smoke), and the new SandStorm unit:

20200511130557 1

Zone Juggernaut, Mirage Tank, and Athena Cannon (they have adaptive armor in this pic):

New Zone Commando and his weapon:

The New loadout abilities for predator, mammoth, battlebase (orca has new abilities too, but not included in this pic)

20200511130229 1

The point of this loadout is to make units more diverse in their weapons, if you would like burst, select the railgun, however if you like DPS, select sonic shells

Sonic shells deal less damage than railgun but faster reload

Railguns deal more damage than sonic shells but longer reload

And that’s about it! More updates will come soon, also if you would like to test out the beta, hop in my discord server, anyone is welcome! Discord Server

Also Hope you all stay safe

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