Windbound looks like Breath of the Wild as a survival game

Windbound is a promising survival game set on an unexplored island. As marooned warrior Kara your primary task is to survive, but this doesn’t look like your average tree-punching sim. You’ll have several islands to explore for resources, as well as a tidy sailing vessel to travel between them. The art style is reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the focus on nautical adventuring recalls Wind Waker, as well.

Survival seems to be the focus, but you’ll also be learning about the so-called Forbidden Islands, which is exciting indeed, as all forbidden things are. According to the Steam page each island has its own “wildlife, landscapes and challenges to face,” and you’ll be crafting weapons and tools to make the dangerous adventure a touch less dangerous.

The gameplay video embedded above is the first substantial look at how the game operates on a moment-to-moment level, and it won’t do much to dispel comparisons to Zelda. There’s light platforming, environmental puzzles, lock-on combat, and a hang glider. Not that I’m complaining: it’s gorgeous.

WIndbound releases on Steam on August 28.

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