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Women lawmakers to show support to local fashion industry

Women lawmakers have banded together to show their support to the local fashion industry by wearing the “Araw” brooch during the fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte this Monday (July 26).


Marikina 2nd District Rep. Stella Luz Quimbo said the wearing of the SONA brooch, which is formed in a half-sun silhouette signifying both hope and unity and costs P5,000 each, is part of their campaign support to the local fashion industry and country’s products as well.
“So this SONA brooch is our little way of showing support to our local fashion designers. Kapit lang po, sisikat din ang araw (Hold on, the sun will rise). Pagtulungan natin na   magtuloy tuloy ang negosyo (Let’s work together so that businesses will continue). Salamat din na ginagawa ang lahat para manatili ang mga empleyado (Thank you for exhausting all means to ensure that your employees keep their jobs),” she said in a Viber message. 
Quimbo said the brooch is a creation of Amina Aranaz-Alunan, president of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines, and Rajo Laurel, one of the top Filipino fashion designers, with the Philippine Fashion Coalition (PFC), an umbrella organization of fashion professionals from various sub-sectors.
The opposition lawmaker said the brooch comes in two colors, cream and blue and symbolises the collective aspiration of the PFC and is designed by a young Filipino accessory brand that works with various Gawad Kalinga communities,
Quoting the PFC, the Marikina lawmaker said the blue version of the brooch reflects and represents the deep waters surrounding our thousands of Philippine islands and symbolizes confidence despite challenges, profound wisdom, stability, and unity.
“Indigenous Inabel fabric is also incorporated into the traditional eight sun rays as the Philippine flag, but interpreted in a half-sun symbol that is meant to show that we are always collaborative and become relevant when complemented and made part of the story, and succeedingly, history,” the PFC said.
Laurel admitted that the local designers face huge uncertainty as they “decide on a month to month basis.”
“Demand for “slow fashion” is practically gone. Demand has now shifted to essential wear such as PPEs and lounge wear, for which margins are minimal. Meanwhile, designers are doing everything they can to keep their workers. And this is a luxury for the relatively established designers. For the new designers, there is no other option but to close shop,” she said in his article titled “Women Legislators Support Local Fashion: Walk the talk in the time of COVID.”
Quimbo is the principal author of House Bill No. 6815 or the Accelerated Recovery and Investments Stimulus for the Economy of the Philippines (ARISE) bill, which was passed by the House of Representatives last June 4. 
“The ARISE bill provides for a 1.3 trillion peso economic stimulus plan for the nation, with the aim of promoting business continuity and reviving business, consumer, and worker confidence so that the economy is re-opened safely and ultimately, so that Filipino workers are protected from layoffs,” she said.


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