Work Report # 1 – Sketch of the first map

And so, let’s get started.

I took into account your comments and decided to increase the size of the map, up to approximately the limits of Xash3D. Here is the result:

fc1 0000 1

fc1 0001 1

fc1 0002 1

fc1 0003

fc1 0004

fc1 0005

fc1 0006

fc1 0007

fc1 0008

fc1 0009

By the way, I managed to find a stable Xash3D build with support for mirrors, and now the map looks even better than ever. Of the new effects, flashes of light were added when firing from almost all weapons:

fc1 0011

The general geometry of the level already exists, only detail remains, but this is a matter of time (by the way, about time – I have very little of it now).

Thanks for reading!

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