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Hello, fellow energy people!

Today we announce and release the Full Game of World Of Mee.

World Of Mee is an Adventure Third-Person game about nature, about the energy of the world and the beauty of it.


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World Of Mee | Official Trailer

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Other Information

World Of Mee is a game about the Cuppa Planet, many years in the future where nature is destroyed, the world is full of darkness.

All nature and life were destroyed by unusual natural disasters that nobody knows how they were started.

Mee is a living ball of energy. Mee will have to restore the world by catching energies of the world, water energies, electric energies, earth energies, and many more.

World Of Mee

  • Explore the Cuppa Planet
  • Catch many different world energies, electric energies, water energies and more
  • Try to save the planet from darkness and bring the light back

That’s all We hope you liked it. We also hope you tell us your opinion. We need all the feedback possible to create the game you want and improve it in the future.

Note: This game was developed by one person, Tiago Chefe.


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