XCOM Chimera Squad assembly: how to make new equipment

How to upgrade your field teams

One way to upgrade your agents in XCOM Chimera Squad is via the assembly. Here you can invest time and resources into improving their equipment, improving field team ranks, and tons more. It can be daunting to know what to start off with first, so we’ve prepared a table with all the available research.

XCOM Chimera Squad assembly guide

Our XCOM Chimera Squad assembly guide will go over all the upgraded equipment available and the requirements you need to achieve to research them.

XCOM Chimera Squad assembly list

Creating new items for your squad to keep up with the new enemies that will appear during the campaign is vital for their survival. You’ll primarily use Elerium to invest in new tech, which can be found by using the Spec Ops, or completing certain missions or situations on the city map. You do not need to assign an agent for the assembly project to be completed initially, but it may be that there is a requirement for more advanced tech.

While your available upgrades are few initially, you’ll unlock tons more as you progress through the campaign or unlock assembly upgrades. To that end, we’ve created this table that includes all of the research your squad can unlock that we know of so far. It includes the costs, what it unlocks, and all the requirements needed to research the project.

Training Effect Time Elerium Prerequisites
Android Personnel Grants one Android Tactical Unit
Android units (Supply)
1 day 0 N/A
Modular Androids Agents can equip Android Mods
Ballistic Foam Lining (Supply)
Polymer Sheathing (Supply)
Servoharness Mk.I (Supply)
3 days 0 Android Personnel
Modular Weapons Agents can equip Weapon Mods
Expanded Magazine (Supply)
Stock (Supply)
Auto-Loader (Supply)
2 days 25 Android Personnel
Modular Armor Agents can equip Armor Mods
Infiltrator Weave (Supply)
Extra Padding (Supply)
Mach Weave (Supply)
2 days 25 Android Personnel
Weapon Optics Laser Sight (Supply)
Scope (Supply)
3 days 0 Modular Weapons
Assault Rifles
Enhanced AR (Supply) 6 days 55 Modular Weapons
Submachine Guns
Enhanced SMG (Supply) 6 days 55 Modular Weapons
Enhanced Shotguns Enhanced Shotgun (Supply) 6 days 55 Modular Weapons
Enhanced Pistols Enhanced Pistol (Supply) 6 days 55 Modular Weapons
Enhanced Armor Enhanced Armor Upgrade (Supply) 8 days 70 Modular Armor
Breach Explosives Cease Fire Bomb (Supply)
Smoke Bomb (Supply)
Flash Bomb (Supply)
4 days 0 Modular Armor
Breach Tactical Equipment Medipatch (Supply)
Holo Scanner (Supply)
Target Analyzer (Supply)
4 days 0 Modular Armor
Improved Field Teams Field Teams can be upgraded
to Rank 2.
3 days 25 Recruit 1 field team.
Android Personnel
Expert Field Teams Field Teams can be upgraded
to Rank 3.
3 days 45 Improved
Field Teams

XCOM Chimera Squad guide series

Thanks for reading our XCOM Chimera Squad assembly guide. Now you know more about how to kit your troops with the best stuff. Do check out the rest of our guides below, which includes details on agent builds, as well as other key info.

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